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  1. Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends, We are pleased to inform you that Open Beta 2.7.0 is progressing well and will soon be available. This update will bring noticeable changes to DCS World including the new Clouds and fire effects as well as our advanced WWII propeller technology. We are working fast towards moving DCS: F/A-18C Hornet to Release state and you will enjoy some substantial enhancements which will be visible in the 2.7 Open Beta release. Extensive work on the ATFLIR targeting pod as well as the AGM-88C HARM modes has been completed as well as the Cou
  2. Attention Pilots! The Annual Spring Sale has begun in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on Steam! Save between 40% to 85% on most items. The Annual Spring Sale runs from 10:00am PST April 9th to 10:00am PST April 23rd in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on STEAM. IL-2 GREAT BATTLES IN IL-2 OFFICIAL WEBSTORE IL-2 IL-2 GREAT BATTLES ON STEAM Tank Crew - 40% Off (Webstore & Steam) BOS – 85% Off BOM – 75% Off BOK – 75% Off BOBP – 66% Off
  3. Eagle Dynamics have the DCS: Mi-24P Hind on pre-order for $48.99 on their E-shop. From the store:
  4. This is an interesting new product from WinWing, it has the same dimensions and bolt pattern as the Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle and looks like it will be the first throttle on the market with changeable grips/handles - whatever you want to call them. It's currently selling for $499.95 which after conversion to British £ and adding VAT and import duty it works out about the same as the list price in dollars which puts it in direct competition with Thrustmasters offering. Looking at the attached image WinWing will be producing an F-16 Throttle quadrant grip and a helicopter collective.
  5. 1C Games has a ‘Leap Into the Cockpit’ sale with 75% off most of the Great Battles titles. Battle of Bodenplatte is on sale with 25% off which is the first time its been on sale since it released last year. Flying Circus vol 1 is also on sale for 50% off. The sale is on their own online store and Steam, the official online store sale runs from February 17th to March 9th and the Steam sale February 17th to March 2nd on Steam.
  6. If you've not done already check out the video Eagle Dynamics has posted up showcasing what's coming this year. The Mosquito looks like it may not be too far away from release so along with the P-47D its going to be a good year for the WW2 side of DCS.
  7. Virpil have just posted up an official presentation video for their forthcoming ALPHA grip. There's some nice shots of the new button box too which is yet to be released but fits onto their desk mounts.
  8. Welcome to the new No.9 Squadron forums.
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