9 Squadron formed as a virtual squadron playing Hitech Creations ‘Aces High‘. The group developed a reputation online for organising fun and successful missions within the game arena involving large numbers of bombers and fighter escort during our squad nights on Sunday evening’s.

During that period we were also active in iEntertainment’s ‘Warbirds‘ and Cornered Rat Software’s ‘World War II Online‘ using similar historical tactics and formations that were so successful and fun in Aces High. Later we began flying online in 1C Games ‘IL-2 Sturmovik‘ and that is where we stayed until also branching out into Eagle Dynamics ‘DCS World‘ to get our fix of modern day jets and WW2 aircraft.

The group is made up of like minded individuals who enjoy flight simulation. This group is neither affiliated with or endorsed by the RAF or any organisations linked with the RAF.