IL-2 Sturmovik update v3.009 released

1C Games has released update v3.007 of IL-2 Sturmovik. This update includes numerous fixes and updates which you can read below but the headline addition for this patch has to be the inclusion of the U-2VS, a Soviet light bomber which has been developed with Ugra-Media who are also working on 1C’s Flying Circus WW1 sim. The update also includes support for two new campaign’s called ‘Fortress on the Volga’ by Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshkov and ‘Havoc over the Kuban’ by =Gambit21=.

1. New Collector Plane U-2VS developed in cooperation with “Ugra-Media” company;
2. New scenario campaign ‘Fortress on the Volga’ by Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshkov;
3. New scenario campaign ‘Havoc over the Kuban’ by =Gambit21=;
4. New Career mission “Troop concentration night bombing strike”;
5. New Career mission “Enemy airfield night bombing strike”;
6. New Career mission “Railway hub night bombing strike”;
7. New Career mission “Supply dump night bombing strike”;
8. New Career mission “River crossing night bombing strike”;
9. Our community enthusiast =BlackHellHound1= remade all outer textures of Bf 109 F-2 (main texture, bump, specular, damage) and made historically accurate skins for it in 4К;
10. Three new skins for Fokker Dr.I;
11. Two new skins for SPAD 13.C1;
12. The delay, when a new player connects to a server, has been minimized for other players;
13. Projectile hits at turret gunners now calculated properly (they weren’t counted properly before);
14. 76 mm APHE rounds won’t erroneously damage the internal components without penetrating the armor;
15. P-47D-28 skin damage has been corrected (increased);
16. Airfields surface on Velikiye Luki map has been flattened;
17. It is now possible to lean to the gunsight closer than before on all aircraft;
18. Visual propeller damage corrected on Ju-52 (previously damaging the right propeller would visually damage the left one);
19. Inability to start a new Career from an old one (lack of available units) has been fixed;
20. After spending all ammo of one kind in a tank the interface won’t erroneously show the full ammo;
21. Escape menu works correctly even if there are no vehicles in the mission;
22. Wrong waypoint labels corrected in scenario campaigns;
23. Mission briefings text rendering corrected in scenario campaigns;
24. The random mirroring issue of a pilot portrait in Career has been fixed;
25. Creating new Career in Stalingrad ToW has been fixed for certain units;
26. An issue of jumping reflections in the water caused by mirrors has been fixed;
27. Vehicle pathfinding issue that could cause slow performance loss has been fixed;
28. Formation movement AI on land and water has been improved – the leader won’t slow down if it is possible;
29. Collision detection routine improved (the detailed tanks shouldn’t twitch in certain situations anymore);
30. Formation movement has been improved overall;
31. The bug that caused AI pilots to miss ground targets has been fixed;
32. AI checks the altitude in a downward spiral maneuver;
33. Bombs and rockets equipped AIs should correctly engage ground targets in QMB;
34. Modifier object: it is now possible to assign negative values to a counter. Both the current value and trigger threshold can be set for a timer;
35. Timer: when a new trigger signal is received, the timer resets;
36. Modifier and timer: parameter index 0 now controls the current timer value while parameter index 1 controls the timer threshold;
37.  Modifier and timer: timer can be reset and stopped by parameter index 0 and value -1;
38. Fw 190 A-8: canopy raindrops added for Sturmjager modification;
39. Fw 190 A-8: windshield cleaner corrected for Sturmjager modification  ;
40. Fw 190 A-8: too dark materials corrected at some places;
41. Fw 190 A-8: rocket control box decreased in size;
42. Fw 190 A-8: pilot model holds the control stick;
43. Bf 109 G-14: pilot model holds the control stick.

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