IL-2 Sturmovik Steam content update

As part of their recent closer integration with Steam 1C Games has released a load of additional content on the Steam store which has previously only been available through their official online store. 1C recently gave Steam customers the ability to tie their Steam and official IL-2 site accounts together for greater flexibility. You can currently get up to 66% off selected items on the store with discounts available across the range of products.

-66% off for Battle of Stalingrad  (On special July 14 -15 only on Steam. July 13-20 on website)

-15% off for Spitfire Mk.VB

-15% off for Henschel Hs-129 B-2

-15% for Ju-52 / 3m ‘Aunt Ju’

-15% off for La-5FN series 2

-15% off for Bf 109 G-6

-15% off for Yak-1b

-10% off for Battle of Kuban Standard Edition

-15% off for Blazing Steppe Campaign

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