Holiday sim gaming sales

Eagle Dynamics has a sale on right now across all their aircraft and terrain modules such as their A10C Warthog module at just $30 – this was developed from a desktop training simulator Eagle Dynamics produced for the US Airforce. There are also smaller discounts available for the F-18 Hornet and the pre-order for DCS: F-14 Tomcat. If WW2 is more your thing then how about DCS: Spitfire for $25? or perhaps the P-51D Mustang for the same price? You can also pick up the Normandy 1944 terrain and assets pack for $30 here. The P-51D has just had a campaign pack released for it called ‘The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney‘. 1C are also having a sale on their IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles series with the original Battle of Stalingrad title on sale for $16.99 and Battle of Moscow also just $16.99 with their other newer titles available such as Bodenplatte available with a small discount also.

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