Virpil announce the WarBRD Grip

Virpil has just celebrated its 2nd birthday with the announcement of a new grip for their WarBRD Base (and presumably the discontinued MT-50 base). The WarBRD Grip looks to be a close replica of the Type B-8 control stick found in US fighter aircraft such as the F-86 Sabre and F4 Phantom. Flight sim fans may also fondly remember the Thrustmaster Pro FCS back in the 90’s that this new Virpil grip looks very reminiscent of. The main change is the change of the side button to a hat switch which featured in the F-5. The new grip has a dual stage trigger, 1 x 8 way hat switch, 1 x 4 way hat switch, 2 momentary push buttons and a twist axis with a contactless sensor that can be locked in position if you don’t need it. Its not available for purchase yet but be sure to check out their store for updates.

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