DCS World Lunar New Year Sale

Eagle Dynamics is running another sale for DCS world and again offering up to 50% on most of their content – the only exceptions being newly released or pre-order modules such as DCS: F-14 Tomcat which is available for pre-order with a $10 discount and DCS: Christen Eagle II which was recently released.

The sale runs from today until February 14th (would DCS be a suitable Valentine’s gift?). 9 Sqn are currently enjoying DCS: AV-8B which is now only $35.

Head over to the Eagle Dynamics store to grab a bargain.

IL-2 Sturmovik Dev Diary 214

Its been a bit quiet on the Eastern Front, well from 1C Games it has but the team has updated their on going Dev Diary with a new entry.

Following on from the last Dev Diary of 2018 the team have more screenshots of the new and more detailed terrain for their Tank Crew spin-off title. The team are working to finish up the map of the Southern Kursk salient that includes Prokhorovka and will then turn their attentions to the
“Clash at Prokhorovka” campaign for the game. The team are also working hard to add the M4A2 Sherman and Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M at the end of this Winter and the T-34 mod. 1943 and PzKpfw IV Ausf.G which they hope to release at the beginning of Spring.

Check out the new screenshots below:

Work on Flying Circus is also continuing with the Sopwith Dolphin and Fokker D.VII ready “soon”. The 100km map of Arras is coming along nicely

Last but by no means least as its one of the most anticipated planes to come to this re-booted IL-2 franchise is the Me 262 A-1/2 which is nearing completion and will hopefully make it into a patch update soon.

DCS: Christen Eagle II now available

The new DCS: Christen Eagle II module from Leatherneck Simulations is now available to users who have the open beta of DCS World installed. Stable release owners will get a message to say they can download it but will then get an error message. The final release is slated for January 23rd and you can buy it now on the Eagle Dynamics store here for $23.99

Eagle Dynamics unveil ambitious plans for DCS world for 2019

Eagle Dynamics has just posted up their weekend news – the first for 2019 and laid out some pretty ambitious plans to expand the DCS World aircraft roster.

Back when ED were the developers for Su-27 Flanker and its sequel the flight sim forums used to have some very heated discussions over the best sim which was by many was considered to be Spectrum Holobyte’s Falcon 4.0. Long after Eagle Dynamics launched the Lock On series and Spectrum Holobyte was no more fans still clung to Falcon 4.0 and its community mods as it was the only true study sim of the F-16 Falcon. Well hopefull in 2019 we will get to see ED’s take on the F-16 as they have just announced that their next marquee title will be based on the F-16C! This is fantastic news as the Falcon is a very versatile aircraft, known not only as one of the most agile fighter aircraft of its era but also capable of laser guided bombing and close air support.

Thats not all though as we know Heatblur’s F-14 Tomcat is due very soon with a tentative release window of the end of Winter. The F-14B will be released first, followed by the F-14A and the free USS Forrestal-class aircraft carrier. This multi-role aircraft will provide players the ability to ride in the front-seat and back-seat play for single and multiplayer with AI taking control of the unoccupied seat.

Eagle Dynamics are also working on something to keep the helicopter fans happy. The team are working on the Mi-24P HIND and ED report that this project is well underway. Like the Tomcat the Mi-24P HIND is a two-seat aircraft, and you can fly with a friend online in the co-pilots seat. Check out the early shot of the cockpit below.

Staying with jets but going back in time a little – to the 1950’s to be precise, Razbam are working hard on the MiG-19P “Farmer”. DCS World now has a solid line up of MiG’s through the ages with the MiG-15bis, MiG-19P, MiG-21bis, and MiG-29 modelled. The DCS: MiG-19P from RAZBAM will be available later this month.

Its not all about jets and choppers though, ED are also working hard to bolster the WW2 line-up and plan to release the DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt, DCS: de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI, and DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Shrike in 2019! The Thunderbolt and 190 A-8 have seen plenty of coverage in other WW2 sims but the Mosquito will be a welcome module to DCS World for WW2 fans!

Also in development for DCS WW2 is DCS: I-16 by OctopusG and ED say they plan to bring more WW2 aircraft to DCS World and also expanding the WW2 Assets Pack with the Ju-88, Bf 109G, C-47, A-20G, and others. They have also mentioned new WW2 maps and a dynamic campaign!

With updates to come for the F-18 Hornet and cockpit overhauls for the KA-50 and A-10C its shaping up to be a great year for DCS World.

DCS: Christen Eagle II announced

Leatherneck Simulations – the third party developer that brought us DCS: MiG-21bis has just announced that they will be bringing a new module to the DCS stable based on the Christen Eagle II stunt bi-plane. Its due for release January 23rd for $23.99, you can pre-order now on the Eagle Dynamics store page here.

From the DCS: Christen Eagle II product page:

The Christen Eagle II, which later became the Aviat Eagle II in the mid-1990s, is an aerobatic biplane aircraft that has been produced in the United States since February 1977.

Designed by Frank Christensen, a veteran WW2 P-51D pilot and aerobatic competitor, it was originally built to compete with the Pitts Special. You’ll find that the Eagle is hard to beat in terms of flying excitement and adventure, and yet the ease of control allows even average pilots to feel like masters of aerobatics.

Dare to fly like a true eagle, whether you are learning to fly, or you are an experienced pilot. Inside this powerful aerobatic beauty, you can enjoy solo aerobatics, do tight formation flying, graze the landscape sightseeing, or speed race down the track. You can even teach other people to fly. The smoke system allows you to visualize your stunts for yourself and other viewers. To extend the Eagle’s prowess in DCS, we implemented an internal and external light system which will keep you safe day and night, and a simple autopilot which will allow you to grab your favorite drink while your aircraft safely levels and awaits your return.

IL-2 Sturmovik Dev Diary 213

The team at 1C Games has posted up their final dev diary of 2018. Its been a busy year for the team having released numerous updates and the Bodenplatte expansion for IL-2 Sturmovik as well as releasing ‘Flying Circus’ and ‘Tank Crew’. Flying Circus is the spiritual successor to the team’s previous WWI flight sim called ‘Rise of Flight’ while Tank Crew is a new departure for the team and expands on the ground war during WW2 on the Eastern Front.

The team ahs shown new 4K skins for the P-47D-28 which was made available to Bodenplatte expansion owners in update 3.007 and they also have new shots of the Fw 190 D-9 cockpit which you can see below.

1C Games have enlisted the help of third party partners to help with development with Flying Circus and Tank Crew. Ugra Media are working on bringing more of the Rise of Flight WWI aircraft to Flying Circus with the Fokker D.VII, Fokker D.VIIF and Sopwith Dolphin currently being worked on and the team are also working on bringing the Arras map to the game in 2019.

Digital Forms are helping the team with Tank Crew and are working on the M4A2, T-34 mod. 1943, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G and PzKpfw III Ausf.M. and the 1C team are working on the Southern part of the Kursk map for the game. There is a tank commander feature coming to the game which hopefully will be like the old Microprose Tank Platoon game but obviously set in WW2 and the team also have new 3D models of Soviet and German crew members and will be added as soon as their animations are complete. Tank Crew has hugely increased the detail of the terrain and buildings with new physics for the destructibility of the buildings which looks very impressive in the video below:

1C Games currently has a sale on all its games and content at its online store

Holiday sim gaming sales

Eagle Dynamics has a sale on right now across all their aircraft and terrain modules such as their A10C Warthog module at just $30 – this was developed from a desktop training simulator Eagle Dynamics produced for the US Airforce. There are also smaller discounts available for the F-18 Hornet and the pre-order for DCS: F-14 Tomcat. If WW2 is more your thing then how about DCS: Spitfire for $25? or perhaps the P-51D Mustang for the same price? You can also pick up the Normandy 1944 terrain and assets pack for $30 here. The P-51D has just had a campaign pack released for it called ‘The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney‘. 1C are also having a sale on their IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles series with the original Battle of Stalingrad title on sale for $16.99 and Battle of Moscow also just $16.99 with their other newer titles available such as Bodenplatte available with a small discount also.

DCS World P-51D update and sale on

Eagle Dynamics has gone back to one of its earliest Warbirds and given both the cockpit and external model and overhaul to use some of the new technologies ED has brought to DCS World over the last year. This is not the only good news for P-51 fans though as a new campaign has been made available – DCS: P-51D Mustang – Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney.

This new campaign see’s the pilot become a member of the 352nd Fighter Group – The Blue Nosed Bastards and is a semi historical campaign following the Fighter Group from the Normandy landings in May 1944 through to Operation Bodenplatte in January 1945. The campaign will have a variety of missions ranging from fighter sweeps, bomber escort and ground attack missions with detailed back stories and detailed briefings. There will be 14 semi-historical missions with historically accurate skins for the aircraft. You can buy the DCS: P-51D Mustang – Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign here for $9.99.

Eagle Dynamics has also announced a sale on across all their products which runs from today until January 7th 2019.

IL-2 Sturmovik update v3.009 released

1C Games has released update v3.007 of IL-2 Sturmovik. This update includes numerous fixes and updates which you can read below but the headline addition for this patch has to be the inclusion of the U-2VS, a Soviet light bomber which has been developed with Ugra-Media who are also working on 1C’s Flying Circus WW1 sim. The update also includes support for two new campaign’s called ‘Fortress on the Volga’ by Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshkov and ‘Havoc over the Kuban’ by =Gambit21=.

1. New Collector Plane U-2VS developed in cooperation with “Ugra-Media” company;
2. New scenario campaign ‘Fortress on the Volga’ by Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshkov;
3. New scenario campaign ‘Havoc over the Kuban’ by =Gambit21=;
4. New Career mission “Troop concentration night bombing strike”;
5. New Career mission “Enemy airfield night bombing strike”;
6. New Career mission “Railway hub night bombing strike”;
7. New Career mission “Supply dump night bombing strike”;
8. New Career mission “River crossing night bombing strike”;
9. Our community enthusiast =BlackHellHound1= remade all outer textures of Bf 109 F-2 (main texture, bump, specular, damage) and made historically accurate skins for it in 4К;
10. Three new skins for Fokker Dr.I;
11. Two new skins for SPAD 13.C1;
12. The delay, when a new player connects to a server, has been minimized for other players;
13. Projectile hits at turret gunners now calculated properly (they weren’t counted properly before);
14. 76 mm APHE rounds won’t erroneously damage the internal components without penetrating the armor;
15. P-47D-28 skin damage has been corrected (increased);
16. Airfields surface on Velikiye Luki map has been flattened;
17. It is now possible to lean to the gunsight closer than before on all aircraft;
18. Visual propeller damage corrected on Ju-52 (previously damaging the right propeller would visually damage the left one);
19. Inability to start a new Career from an old one (lack of available units) has been fixed;
20. After spending all ammo of one kind in a tank the interface won’t erroneously show the full ammo;
21. Escape menu works correctly even if there are no vehicles in the mission;
22. Wrong waypoint labels corrected in scenario campaigns;
23. Mission briefings text rendering corrected in scenario campaigns;
24. The random mirroring issue of a pilot portrait in Career has been fixed;
25. Creating new Career in Stalingrad ToW has been fixed for certain units;
26. An issue of jumping reflections in the water caused by mirrors has been fixed;
27. Vehicle pathfinding issue that could cause slow performance loss has been fixed;
28. Formation movement AI on land and water has been improved – the leader won’t slow down if it is possible;
29. Collision detection routine improved (the detailed tanks shouldn’t twitch in certain situations anymore);
30. Formation movement has been improved overall;
31. The bug that caused AI pilots to miss ground targets has been fixed;
32. AI checks the altitude in a downward spiral maneuver;
33. Bombs and rockets equipped AIs should correctly engage ground targets in QMB;
34. Modifier object: it is now possible to assign negative values to a counter. Both the current value and trigger threshold can be set for a timer;
35. Timer: when a new trigger signal is received, the timer resets;
36. Modifier and timer: parameter index 0 now controls the current timer value while parameter index 1 controls the timer threshold;
37.  Modifier and timer: timer can be reset and stopped by parameter index 0 and value -1;
38. Fw 190 A-8: canopy raindrops added for Sturmjager modification;
39. Fw 190 A-8: windshield cleaner corrected for Sturmjager modification  ;
40. Fw 190 A-8: too dark materials corrected at some places;
41. Fw 190 A-8: rocket control box decreased in size;
42. Fw 190 A-8: pilot model holds the control stick;
43. Bf 109 G-14: pilot model holds the control stick.

IL-2 Sturmovik update v3.008 released

1C Games has released update v3.007 of IL-2 Sturmovik. This update improves the airframe damage modelling and the AI but also many other smaller improvements and fixes including some new British pilots models. Check out the full list of fixes below.

Main features:
1. Late war British pilot added to Spitfire Mk.IXe;
2. New control elements added to mission logic (useful for mission designers): “Modifier: Add Val” and “Modifier: Set Val”. They can alter the values of other logical elements – Counter and Timer (when used with a Timer object, Set Val can input a negative value to reset and stop a Timer);
3. Force Feedback joystick owners who experience stutters can alter the new value in startup.cfg that governs the maximum frequency of FFB effects polling to try to eliminate them (update_freq parameter in [KEY = force_feedback] section can be set to a value from 0.5 Hz to 10 Hz, example: update_freq = 10.0);
4. Additional renderer optimizations for sea maps (Kuban, Bodenplatte in the future) allowed to boost performance on such maps even more;
5. AA searchlights now can follow Attack Area command which can be used to limit their search area and/or use them as visible beacons (useful for mission designers);
6. Multiplayer: ‘allow other players to man stations’ option now saved;
7. Multiplayer: various issues like statistics ‘freezing’, inability to start a mission, kill messages disappearing were fixed for high-load servers;
8. Multiplayer: missing AP hit sound effects and some other sounds restored;
9. A rare crash that could happen in high load situations like joint air-ground engagements with many units has been fixed;
10. keep_binary_log = 0 option in startup.cfg correctly removes binary logs from the game folder on exit;
11. Career: mission area correctly set while escorting transport planes in Stalingrad TOW;
12. Incorrect navigational markers won’t be shown in a mission without player aircraft;
Damage model improvements:
13. P-47D-28, Yak-7b and Spitfire Mk.IXe wings made less fragile when damaged;
14. Aileron control rods correctly damaged when Yak-7b, P-39L-1 or P-47 wing is damaged;
15. An overdone HE explosion effect on the primary structure of an aircraft has been reduced.
16. Damage calculations of the airframe take a hit angle into account;
17. Damage from direct hits and explosions on the skin and control rods has been tuned;
18. Minor visual damage correctly appears after a first hit;
19. The visual damage of a cockpit glass correctly appears after a first hit there;
20. Ju-52 instruments can be damaged now;
21. Aircraft primary structure won’t erroneously receive double damage in case of hits on the internal components like fuel tanks, engine, radiators, etc.);
22. Airframe sturdiness tuned for all aircraft;
23. Armor of the internal components corrected whenever it was wrong;
24. P-47D-28 wing damage corrected (wing loss is preceded with a wing crack);
25. A weapon won’t fire if its ammo supply was lost with a wing part;
26. Fuel tank fire probability corrected for Flying Circus aircraft;
27. Ammo detonation effects differ visually depending on the explosion power;
Aircraft improvements:
28. Bodenplatte pilots put on and remove oxygen mask when needed;
29. Bodenplatte and Flying Circus pilots put off their goggles on parking;
30. Ignition box cover animated on Pe-2 series 35;
31. CB panel cover animation corrected on Fw-190 A3/A5/A8;
32. Gunner folding seat animation corrected on Ju-88;
33. Bendix course detectors animations corrected;
34. Dead pilot model position corrected on Pfalz D.IIIa;
35. Bf 109 G-2 cockpit lamp corrected;
36. P-47D-28 visual wing crack corrected;
37. Visible projectiles at high aircraft speed appear correctly;
38. MK-108 fire sound corrected on Bf 109 K-4;
39. Fuel tank fire effect corrected on Flying Circus planes;
40. Ejected cartridges correctly appear in multiplayer;
41. The maximum number of ejected cartridges corrected based on real time instead of a simulated one;
42. In multiplayer, all visible projectiles appear from gun muzzles instead of aircraft center;
43. Visible gun convergence corrected in multiplayer;
44. The delay between pushing the fire trigger and experiencing the gunfire FFB effect has been reduced.
45. Pfalz D.IIIa performance corrected;
46. Sopwith Camel description corrected;
AI improvements:
47. AI pilots correctly perform Chandelle maneuver;
48. WWI AI pilots won’t ‘stuck’ flying forward;
49. AI pilots evade ground even better;
50. Conditions for attempting vertical maneuvers corrected for all fighters;
51. AI pilots will bail out of aircraft with cracked wings or fuselage instead of trying to fight;
52. WWI AI pilots open fire sooner;
53. WWI AI pilots maneuver more aggressively;
GUI changes:
54. Starting altitude won’t reset in QMB;
55. Flare gun indicator won’t be shown after restarting a mission in external view;
56. Flight frequency option in Career corrected;
57. The wrong message about timescale won’t be shown on mission end;
58. Interface music can be turned on when interface sounds are turned off;
59. Airfields are correctly shown after changing the current chapter in Career;
60. Previously selected modifications correctly shown in QMB.