IL-2 Sturmovik Dev Diary 212

The team at 1C games has released a new dev diary today. Entry number 212 is dedicated to Tank Crew and details the work the team are doing with the game engine to facilitate more detailed terrain for tanks and also how the single player campaign is coming along. The map size has shrunk from 400×400 km to 100x100km but that has enabled the team to crank up the detail needed for a ground battle sim so the Prokhorovka map will be 16 times more detailed  in terms of its buildings, forests, rivers and the height maps of the terrain. 100km x 100km is still a large playing field and the team have stressed that this isn’t only going to be for tank drivers but aircraft can be utilised on the map to provide an air and ground war. The single player campaign was pretty poor in the original IL-2 Sturmovik (re-boot) release in 2013 but the team has worked hard to fix that and the IL-2 series now has a great selection of single missions and campaign’s available and the team have spent time developing two storyline’s for Tank Crew. Unlike flight sims which tend to follow a pilot through their career the team highlight that for a tank crew in WW2 a single tank crew were unlikely to make it through the war  so the storyline will focus on the events of the battles around Prokhorovka, detail on the campaign’s can be seen below:

“Breaking point” (tentative title)
Soviet campaign

This campaign will be dedicated to the heroic deed of Soviet tankmen of Rotmistrov 5th Guards Tank Army that disrupted the German offensive at the center of the southern part of the Kursk salient at the cost of their lives. The massive, but poorly prepared counterblow on July 12th stopped the German advance and eventually pushed them back to their initial positions. The later missions of the campaign will cover the subsequent, less known stage of the battle of Kursk on July 13th – 15th at the interfluve of Donets river.

Timeframe: July 6th – 15th, 1943.
Controllable tanks: T-34-76 mod. 1943, KV-1s
Duration: 10 missions
Average playing time: 5 hours

“Last chance” (tentative title)
German campaign

This campaign will tell about the operations of the tank units of Army Group South during Operation Citadel. Having breached two army defense lines, German forces reached Prokhorovka as early as at the evening of July 6th and were close to capturing this key area. However, instead of continuing their advance they were forced to defend against numerous Soviet counterstrikes that culminated in the massive battle on July 12th. The second part of the campaign will be dedicated to German attempts to encircle and destroy Soviet 48th Corps at interfluve of Donets river and the forced retreat of the German 2nd Tank Corps to initial positions when the entire offensive failed.

Timeframe:  July 6th – 17th, 1943.
Controllable tanks:  PzKpfw III Ausf.M, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G, PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1 “Tiger”
Duration: 10 missions
Average playing time: 5 hours

The tank models are looking stunning

Even though the area has been reduced you can still see how large the map is from the screenshots below

Also see below the work done on the tank crew models

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IL-2 Sturmovik update v3.007 released

1C Games has released update v3.007 of IL-2 Sturmovik which also incorporates updates for Flying Circus and Tank Crew as they share a common game engine. In recent weeks we’ve seen some great shots of the P-47D-28 “Jug”, Bf 109 K-4 “Kurfürst”, Sopwith Camel and Pfalz D.IIIa and now we can finally fly them in game. The list of changes is quite a large one and you can read it fully below. Of course the headline features are the planes but there are also some great tweaks to the multiplayer logic and how kills are awarded. With this patch a kill is awarded immediately if an enemy pilot is killed, bailed or his aircraft has been seriously damaged but if an enemy pilot manages to make home and land at a friendly air base without rupturing his fuselage or wing then the kill won’t be awarded. AI ‘s damage model is more complex as well as being better at evading the ground when following a leader or target and will also continue to engage even when badly damaged.

Full change log below:

Main features:

1. P-47D-28 “Jug” available to all Bodenplatte owners;
2. Bf 109 K-4 “Kurfürst” available to all Bodenplatte owners;
3. Sopwith Camel available to all Flying Circus Vol. 1 owners;
4. Pfalz D.IIIa available to all Flying Circus Vol. 1 owners;
5. New mission type for Career mode: Cargo paradrop for Ju-52/3mg4e;
6. New mission type for Career mode: Special squad paradrop for Ju-52/3mg4e;
7. New mission type for Career mode: Free Hunt for fighter planes;
8. Major FM change: air compressibility at high speeds now modelled;
9. New late war Luftwaffe pilot models added to Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 A-8;
10. Multiplayer: a kill will be awarded immediately only if an enemy pilot was killed, bailed out or his aircraft crumbled;
11. Multiplayer: a kill won’t be awarded if a pilot manages to return and land at a friendly airfield (with the exception of point 12, see below);
12. In mission statistics, an aircraft will be scrapped only if its fuselage or a wing at its base has been ruptured;
13. New, more detailed damage modelling is used for simple (AI controlled) vehicles – it is now possible to damage their engines, wheels or tracks, crew and ammo rack;

Multiplayer changes:

14. Engine sounds of other players planes won’t randomly disappear;
15. Gunfire sounds of other players planes won’t randomly disappear;
16. Net traffic generated by multiplayer clients has been optimized, which should improve the performance of multiplayer servers;
17. Other players position prediction routine has been optimized, resulting in a smoother multiplayer experience;
18. The delay between a player pushing the fire button and other players actually seeing his aircraft fire has been minimized to the best possible extent;
19. Other players gun convergence displayed correctly;
20. APHE and HEAT rounds fired by other players won’t generate a double sound effect;
21. Server ping values appear correctly in the server list;
22. The coalition flag in the game world switches correctly;
23. Binary mission logs are now saved correctly (needed for mission stats debugging);
24. An exploit linked to navigation markers on the full screen map has been fixed;
25. Right Ju-52 engine animation fixed;
26. AA searchlights function correctly in multiplayer;

Visual changes:

27. FPS in forest areas with lots of trees visible has been improved a lot thanks to the tree rendering optimization;
28. Aerobatics smoke effect has been improved;
29. Wrong ‘black debris’ effect issue while hitting enemy planes has been addressed;
30. Distant forests won’t appear too white in morning or evening fog;
31. Water drops now appear on the pilot goggles in VR;
32. Water drops on windshield have been removed during winter (unrealistic);
33. Oil drops from the damaged engine will appear on the pilot goggles only if he peeks out around the windshield;
34. Engine start effect has been improved;
35. Flying Circus aircraft now has the new fire and leak effects like the rest;
36. Mission designers can place coloured smoke signals in custom missions;
37. Too subtle sun glare effect has been improved on the Moscow winter map;

GUI changes:

38. Tank Crew commands now have their own input settings section;
39. Starting altitude shouldn’t reset in QMB;
40. Wrong aircraft type issue in QMB has been fixed;
41. Air turbulence and wind direction randomness work correctly in QMB;
42. Wind direction randomness near the ground works correctly in QMB;
43. Precipitations during bad weather work correctly in QMB once again;
44. Mission track records will be named correctly;
45. Mouse pointer won’t disappear after opening Settings menu while replaying a track record;
46. GUI shouldn’t flash after alt-tabbing anymore;
47. With Imperial units selected in settings, the atmospheric pressure is indicated in mm Hg in Career missions forecast;
48. Speed tooltip appears correctly while hovering the mouse cursor over a waypoint;
49. Career interface won’t glitch after exiting a Career briefing using the top navigation buttons;
50. Chat messages delay in singleplayer has been corrected;
51. A possible crash bug tied to changing settings during a mission has been fixed;
52. Technochat has been optimized, making the game smoother in many situations;
53. Technochat tips have been moved to the main chat area;

FM and instruments changes:

54. Engine oil in case of a leak or engine failure won’t be splattered on the windshield or pilot goggles for P-39;
55. Aircraft fuel tanks may detonate (the probability depends on the amount of fuel left);
56. Fuel tank explosion correctly nullifies the fuel reserve;
57. You need a greater sideslip motion to put off the fire on Flying Circus aircraft;
58. Collimator reticles look better;
59. Revi 16B sight reticle made more authentic (Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 A-8;
60. In addition to critical aircraft damage or loss of controls on one axis (lateral or longitudinal) the tip suggesting to bail out will appear in the following additional cases:
– no fuel left,
– engine damage makes a horizontal flight impossible,
– fire on board;
61. Artificial engine assistant now uses different mixture control lever positions:
– He-111 H6/H16: decreased from 10 to 5 positions,
– Hs-129 B2: increased from 4 to 5 positions,
– Spitfire Mk.VB: decreased from 3 to 2 positions,
– Spitfire Mk.IXe: decreased from 4 to 2 positions;
62. Artificial engine assistant now uses less different cowl flaps positions on Fw-190 A5 and А8 (3 instead of 5, like on other aircraft);
63. Radio direction finders corrected for all aircraft (inverted);
64. An error in aerodynamic momentum calculations while pushing the Bf-109 G14 rudder to the left has been corrected;
65. Spitfire Mk.VB and Mk.IXe coolant boiling temperature increased from 115°С to 140°С (MSL) and for MiG-3 increased from 115°С to 120°С (MSL);
66. Different mixture error that appeared while controlling Bf-110 G2 left and right engine throttles separately and that caused the power difference between them has been fixed;
67. Bailing out tip added for Fokker Dr.1;
68. Indication errors corrected in Fokker Dr.I fuel and speed gauges;
69. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 descriptions corrected;
70. Bomb lever delay fixed on SPAD 13.C1;
71. The default amount of fuel in GUI corrected for different aircraft;
72. All FLying Circus airplanes ground collision made more detailed;
73. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 visual damage appearance corrected;
74. SPAD 13.C1: erroneous speed, water temperature and fuel tank pressure readings corrected;
75. SPAD 13.C1: upper wing fuel tank leak and fire effects added;
76. SPAD 13.C1: bombs can be dropped only one after another;
77. Oil leak effect added to all Flying Circus planes;

AI changes:

78. AI fighters, AA guns, etc. will continue to engage a target even if is criticaly damaged;
79. AI planes pursuing a target evade the ground better;
80. AI wingmen following the leader evade the ground better;
81. AI pilots check their speed and altitude before attempting Split-S and downward spiral maneuvers;
82. AI maneuver more efficiently after passing each other in a dogfight;
83. AI wingmen keep formation a bit better;
84. AI pilots take off correctly from Nizhny Balikley airfield in Stalingrad Career;

85. Turrets aiming at enemy planes corrected;
86. AIs controlling detailed (Tank Crew) tanks takes into account the different ballistics of various ammo types;
87. AIs aim the tank guns better;

Other changes:

88. Pilots bailing out from Flying Circus planes are animated better;
89. IL-2 mod. 1943 gunner bails out correctly;
90. Sound volume balance between engine and wind sound has been adjusted;
91. The issue when the first login attempt resulted in failure message has been addressed;
92. Burning fuel tanks sound added;
93. Mouse control pointer (in mouse control mode) won’t disappear if aircraft suffers heavy damage;
94. MG fire heard from inside of a tank has been made different and more realistic;
95. Blazing Steppe campaign: secondary task labels removed, scenarios #3, 7 and 12 containing Ju 87 groups have been corrected;
96. Steam locomotive explosion power has been reduced;
97. Destroyed Pz 38t and Marder III H burn correctly;
98. Iron sights textures won’t blink on IL-2 mod. 1943;
99. Water drops correctly appear on all He 111 H-6 windows;
100. Ju 52/3mg4e gauge dials made clearer;
101. Rogue (enemy) Pe-2 won’t appear while playing for USSR after January 16th in Stalingrad Career.

New DCS: F-14 Tomcat trailer

Heatblur and Eagle Dynamics have released a new trailer for the forthcoming DCS: F-14 Tomcat module for DCS World. The trailer is called “Anytime Baby!” and the track is number 5 on the new Meteor F-14 Album which will ship with the DCS: F-14. The album contains the following tracks that can be used in fan made video’s for the Tomcat.
01 – Zone V
02 – Fightertown
03 – Fear the Bones
04 – Phoenix Rising
05 – Anytime, Baby!
06 – Guardians of the Fleet
07 – Lion and the Sun
08 – Alpha Strike
09 – Grim Memories (Bonus Song)
10 – Hunter of Lost Souls (Bonus Song)
DCS: F-14 is available now for pre-order at the following stores:
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IL-2 Sturmovik Dev Diary 210

The team at 1C has posted up another new dev diary. this week is a big update on IL-2, Tank Crew and Flying Circus. The Battle of Bodenplatte is getting two new planes – the P-47D-28 and the Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 “Kurfürst” which we have seen quite a bit of in recent dev diaries. Flying Circus will soon see the addition of the iconic Sopwith Camel and the Pfalz D.IIIa while Tank Crew will get 4 new player controllable vehicles early next year.

USAF P-47D-28 Thunderbolt is a beast of an airframe, when it wasn’t carrying huge amounts of ordnance for strike missions it could carry a huge amount of fuel to escort bomber groups deep into enemy territory. Powered by a radial 18 cylinder engine that was renowned for its durability and power that could take it to 700 km/h at an altitude of 7000m. It was equipped with eight Browning machine guns with a massive 3400 rounds and could also carry up to six rockets and up to three 500lb and 1000lb bombs.

The Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 “Kurfürst” was the last variant of venerable 109 series that the Luftwaffe used throughout WWII.  It was fitted with the very best from the DB-605 line of engines to help it climb to intercept the ever increasing threat of allied bomber formations and could reach up to 715 km/h at 6200 m. It was equipped with the MK-108 30mm cannon to tear into those formations of allied bombers and also carried  MG-131 machine guns and could carry either a 250kg or 500kg bomb for air to ground missions.

The Sopwith Camel is probably one of the most famous of British planes used in WWI. It entered service in June 1917 with No.4 Squadron of the Royal Naval Air Service. Fitted with two 7.69 Vickers Mk.I machine guns it was the humps added to cover these guns that gave the aircraft its name. It was a bit of a handful under full fuel load but once burned off it’s ability to turn in a knife fight was legendary. As well as a very capable fighter it could also carry 4 20lb bombs for attacking ground targets.

The Pfalz D.IIIa took flight with Jasta 10 in August 2017. It was often compared to the Albatros, to which it compared poorly in terms of speed and climb rate and was used as a second line fighter for escort duties or attacking enemy balloons. It was fitted with two 7.92mm LMG 08/15 which was Germany’s standard machine gun in WWI that was used widely on land and in the air.

You can read the full diary post here: