War Thunder v1.77 – new game engine update

War Thunder v1.77 is now live and features the all new Dagor 5.0 engine developed by Gaijin. This new engine paves the way for even more detailed terrain and better weather effects. War Thunder was already a pretty looking game and this new engine has taken it to a new level. It wouldn’t be a War Thunder release without some new toys to play with and the team at Gaijin has included a lot of new content including new 6th rank tanks and new aircraft:

  • USA Magach 3 (pack), M1 Abrams
  • Germany Leopard 2K
  • USSR T-64B
  • Britain Challenger
  • France AMX-30 (pack), AMX-30B2 BRENUS


  • USA F-84G-21-RE
  • Germany He 177A-5
  • USSR La-200
  • Britain MB.5 (pack), Spitfire Mk Vb, Spitfire Mk Vb/trop (reworked model),
  • Spitfire Mk Vc, Spitfire Mk Vc/trop (reworked model)
  • Japan Ki-108
  • Italy Spitfire Mk Vb/trop (premium), Re.2000 serie 1
  • France Martin 167-A3, Yak-3 (premium), M.D.452 Mystere IIC pre-series