War Thunder v1.75 release brings the French forces to War Thunder

The latest update to War Thunder  – v1.75 adds French land and air forces to the game. Although this update focuses primarily on the French forces there are new aircraft for other countries represented in the game:

  • France H-75A-1, H-75A-4, MS.405C1, MS.406C1 and V-156-F
  • Britain Whirlwind Mk.I, Corsair F.Mk.II (Premium) and V-156-B1
  • USA SB2U-3, SB2U-2, AD-4 and F3D-1
  • USSR Yak-2 KABB, Yak-4 and Yak-23
  • Japan D4Y1 and F-86F-40

You can read the full change log here: https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/782

Eagle Dynamics to ditch Starforce copy protection

Its long overdue but Eagle Dynamics are going to start phasing out the Starforce copy protection on modules and other content for their DCS World series. Starforce has long been a thorn in many gamers side and often used by the die hard Falcon 4.0 fans way back when as a stick to beat Eagle Dynamics ‘Lock-On’ sim. Back then Starforce was a little more invasive in the way it protected content by burrowing deep into Windows inner workings, so much so some considered it no better than a virus. When DCS World was launched some fans were disappointed to see Starforce used again but this version was much more tame and was more of a license check when installing a module. Even though you got 10 activations with each module and you could contact support for more it was a bit of a nuisance to have to remember to go through your folders and deactivate each module if you were re-installing DCS or maybe doing a fresh install of Windows. Starting with the AV-8B Harrier module Eagle Dynamics will be moving to a new keyless system where products will be bound to your account. There is no timeframe for when existing products will move over but it’s a step in the right direction.



Dear all,

With the release of the AV-8B today, it is import to know that this will be the first DCS World product that uses our new protection system. Rather than use StarForce keys, we are moving to a “keyless” system which binds your purchase to your www.dcs-world.com username, and NOT a key. You will not need a constant internet connection either. The new system will just “phone home” after a three day period or the next time you log into DCS World.

This new system will also provide benefits for Steam users and Gifting. Once those details are worked out, we look forward to sharing them with you.

We strongly believe that this will make protection of your DCS World products much more simple. At a later point, we hope to apply this same protection system to all of our other modules.

Also, the AV-8B release today is for the Open Beta version of DCS World. Please make sure you use this version and that you update it today.

We must release all new aircraft modules on the Caucasus map first as not everyone may operate one of the DCS 2.1 maps. We don’t believe it fair to force customers to purchase one of these maps to fly their new aircraft. We do though plan to update DCS 2.1 for the AV-8B in the next one to two weeks.

The Eagle Dynamics Team